Monday, August 27, 2012

The First Week

The first week back to school was full of rules and procedures, and rules and procedures, and even more rules and procedures. This is my 3rd year in the Media Center and I love knowing most of the kids coming in. I loved meeting new faces coming into our school as well. The kids are very eager to check out books and start Reading Counts (both are coming soon).

I gave all classes a tour of the new and improved media center and the general consensus was that the media center is MUCH better in the new arrangement.

This week we will be reviewing the rules and procedures, going thoroughly over checkout procedures so the students can start checking out next week. I can't wait to start talking with them about the books they get, finding out their new interests, and watching the Reading Counts points soar!!!

Monday, August 13, 2012

Book 7 of 15

This book was my favorite Sunshine Reader so far!!! I read the whole thing in one day, I could NOT put it down!!!! Celie is the youngest princess in a castle that moves on it's own will. When Celie's parents, the king and queen, are thought dead and sorrounding kingdoms are trying to take over the castle, it protects the prince and princesses and helps them hold on to what is rightfully theirs.

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Book 6 of 15

This was an interesting book to read as a teacher. Edgar is that student that you absolutely love, but can very easily drive you crazy :) At the beginning of the story the class goldfish, Slurpy, is stolen from the classroom. The theif leaves a poem on the board and Edgar is determined to solve it. The problem is one of his classmates, Patrick, is also on the case. Follow Edgar in his determination to find out what happened to Slurpy while he finds out other secrets about some of his classmates and teachers.

RL: 4.7
Lesson: TBA

Friday, August 10, 2012

Book 5 of 15

This book was a really fast read, another great one for the third graders!!! J.J. is a retired search and rescue dog living out his retirement years on a farm, when mama chicken, who he so lovingly calls Moosh, comes to him with a problem. Two of her four chicks are missing and she is hoping J.J. can find them.
Reading Level: 3.8
Lessons: TBA

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Book 4 of 15

I was surprised by how quickly I was sucked into this book. Normally books with personified animals don't capture my attention, but this one did from the first page. Aldwyn, the cat, captured my heart from the very beginning. He is a common alley cat just trying to survive, when he finds him self hiding in a store of familiars to escape Grimsdale, the city's bounty hunter. While hiding he is chosen as a young wizard's familiar and finds himself on an amazing adventure with two new friends to save the loyal he became instantly attached to.

Grade Level: 5.0
Lesson: Themes- friendship, loyalty, honesty
RC points: TBA

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Ed Tech Tuesday- VOKI

See the new lady over there----------->
She is a Voki, and it is a pretty cool site. I read about this here at technology tailgate. You can choose from a pretty large selection of characters. Your Voki can be posted to most social media sites or blogs. You can also download and save it to your computer. Use it for a morning introduction or something to capture students' attention. Students can also create a Voki as a book report, biography presentation, or a research report. Try it out at

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Pinterest Prizes

I thought I would make turning in those pesky forms at the beginning of the year a little more fun this time :) So I have been scouring the pinterest pages of some of my fellow teachers to see what would make a good prize for having all of their media release and computer usage forms turned in. This was one of the most pinned items. I put my own twist on it and did it on a canvas instead of a block of wood (mostly because that is what I had on hand). So, teachers of Pride, look forward to having your own treasure box of sorts this year!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summer Throwdown Part 2

As I was browsing through another Library Blog tonight I found this challenge between teachers and librarians to see who can read more books. The challenge runs from July 22- August 18. I have 12 more Sunshine Readers to get through plus some adult books I want to read. So, here I go joining

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Book 3- The Books of Elsewhere, the Shadows

I finished my 3rd Sunshine Reader! The Books of Elsewhere, the Shadows is a series I may have to read the rest of. Olive is an 11 year old girl who just moved into an old mansion whose previous owner died in at 104. Her parents are flighty mathematicians who don't pay much attention to the goings on in the house. While exploring Olive discovers a pair of spectacles that allow here to go into the paintings in the house where she finds all kinds of adventures!
Reading Level: 4
Lessons: TBA


Computer are all put in place (not by me, our AWESOME custodial staff did it)!
Most of the non-fiction books have been reshelved, up through the 600s, YAY!
Tables are (mostly) cleared off and in place. Look how much room there is!
But, there is definitely still a lot to do...

Lots of Work to Do

I am heading into the media center today (like I have each Wednesday since returning from vacation). To get it put back together after a reorginization of shelves. I am absolutely loving how it is arranged now!!!

The computers are now where I can see them from the circulation desk.

All the little shelves are now in the middle of the media center (where the computers used to be). The front of the media center is now all open, so we don't have to squeeze together like a can of sardines in faculty meetings.

Books I need to reshelf (so worth it)