Monday, July 30, 2012

QR Codes for Meet the Teacher

QR codes are these funny looking squares you see everywhere:
This is my QR code. Go ahead, take out your phone, scan it. It gives my Name, (school) phone number, (school) address, (school) email, and this wonderful blog address. All of this information (except the blog) is public information they can look up on the district website if needed, but this is a nice way for parents to have all your information so they can contact you right from the smartphone if needed.


  1. How funny! I made one a few weeks ago-I think I saw it on pinterest. We will look so tech savvy! Great idea!

  2. I was also thinking we could have one on the office door with important dates that would be input into the phone calender, I could do one for bookfairs... the possibilities are endless!