Friday, July 27, 2012

Florida Reading Association Book Awards

This one is for my Pre-K through 2nd grade teachers!!!!

I am excited about this with program with the little ones this year. I have been doing the Sunshine Reader program with 3rd through 5th graders, offering an ice cream party to those that read at least 3 books.

With these books I will be reading the books to the Pre-Kindergarten through 2nd graders. They will then have a voting ceremony at the end of the year with a special treat.

Here is an overview of each book:
This is a cute twist on the classic story about a Gingerbread Man who is trying to find the class who made him.
Visit the author and illustrator sites here:

This story follows the theme "the grass is always greener." This could be taught with a unit on feelings as the fish's expressions throughout the book show them clearly.
Visit the author and illustrator sites here:

Another true story about a penguin that overcomes adversary with the help of his human keepers.
Visit the author and illustrator sites here:

"When Dirk Yeller scours the town for something to stop his itchin’ and twitchin’ and jumpin’ and rattlin’, no one seems able to help. But Sam, who’s been following Dirk all day—and who can sometimes be a little fidgety, too—knows the perfect solution..."
Visit the author and illustrator sites here:

My son, a pronounced dinosaur lover, adores this book. It is a story about one of the animals that has survived through the age of the dinosaurs into modern times. The journey of a sea turtle is a magical one told throught the eyes of a turtle from a different era.

The story of one family and what the do when the lights go out. A great story about family and community.
Book Trailer Video
Visit the author/illustrator site here:

A perfect story for the age group it is intended for. This would be a good book to partner with Parts by Tedd Arnold.
Visit the author site here:

A touching story about a cat and a dog that relied on each other to survive Hurricane Katrina. See the book trailer here. This is a good book to pair with a unit on severe weather or friendship.Visit the websites for the authors and illustrator:

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